I’m very happy with all the tickets you open. Feel free to open PRs if you feel like it. If you’ve found a bug but don’t want to get involved, that’s more than ok and I’d appreciate such ticket as well.

If you have opened a PR it can’t be merged until CI passed. Stuff that is checked:
  • codecov has to be kept at 100%

  • pre commit hooks consist of flake8 and mypy, so consider installing hooks before commiting. Otherwise CI might fail

Sometimes one pre-commit hook will affect another so you will run them a few times.

You can run tests with docker of with venv.

With docker

With docker run tests with make testdocker. If you want to plug docker env in your IDE run service tests from docker-compose.yml.

Local setup

Running make init will result with creating local venv with dependencies. Then you can make test or plug venv into IDE.